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Since its founding in 2000, Hollywoodbets has grown to become South Africa's most well-liked sportsbook. The company provides live casino games, Lucky Numbers, Jika Sports, and other things, along with sports betting.

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A number of excellent games, including Spina Zonke games and Aviator, have recently been released by Hollywoodbets.

All types of gamblers will enjoy the brand-new virtual game Aviator, which is available only at Hollywoodbets. Aviator is the perfect game for you if you're looking for a big win of up to 20 000 times your wager or just want to make a quick buck and get out of there.

You have to wager on how high an airplane will ascend before taking off from the screen. The greater your winnings, the higher your plane flies without taking off. You must cash out before the jet takes off and the session is over in order to win your wager. The decimal odds indicated at the beginning of each round are 1.00, and they rise progressively the higher your plane flies, raising your Cash Out offer.

Aviator Game

A growth curve in the new social multiplayer game Aviator on online casinos could suddenly disappear at any time.

The video game Aviator is in the crash category. This game uses a Random Number Generator (RNG) for its graphics display. It looks like a plane that lifts off the ground and climbs into the sky before eventually disappearing off the screen. The bet multiplier associated with the plane rises in value as the higher the plane flies higher before leaving the screen.

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How To Play Aviator game in Hollywoodbets

All Hollywoodbets platforms have access to the Aviator game, but you must first register. The following are the steps to play in the aviator lobby:

Age permitted to play Hollywoodbets.

The legal minimum age to play in a particular country is the gambling age.

Hollywoodbets encourages gambling responsibly. Anyone under the age of 18 years is not allowed to gamble.

Payouts and betting

The minimum wager is approximately R1. The most you can wager per round is R20,000. Even with the smallest bet, the highest multiplier is 200 times the stake.

Autoplay and Auto-Cashout

Autoplay can be started by clicking the matching button in the auto menu's upper right corner. There may be as many as ten rounds. Additionally, you can program the automated play to terminate when:

The sum can be paid out using the cashout button when the plane hits the multiplier you've chosen, while "Auto Payout" is turned on in Aviator.

Aviator Tips and Strategy

The first stage is to select how much you are prepared to risk and how many bets, if any, you want to make (either one or two). There can be a maximum of two simultaneous bets and a minimum bet of R1. We will discuss each of the different betting techniques separately because they vary based on how many wagers you are willing to place.

Single Bet Strategies

Beginners or conservative players are best suited for single bet strategies. There's absolutely nothing wrong with this strategy, and we advise adopting it to get a feel for the actual game. Alternatively, you can use the free demo mode to test out some of the methods.

The 1.5X Approach

This tactic entails placing a single wager of any size, though ideally one that is not excessively large. Regardless of whether the gambler thinks the aviator will go higher, the goal is to consistently cash out at 1.5X on the multiplier.

When the aviator achieves the 1.5X multiplier, this strategy ensures a 50% profit, but patience is essential. This approach tries to generate profits gradually while posing a medium-to-low risk.

Double Up Strategy

This is another single-bet technique that accepts bets of any size. The single bet was chosen in order to reduce distractions and give the gambler time to research prior multipliers and the pattern that appears to be developing. Don't gamble if you think the plane will take off between 1x and 2x; wait until a set of 1x or 1.8x multipliers has passed before betting again. Always cash out at 2X on the multiplier on the bet. The streak is very satisfying and enjoyable when it succeeds because this method assures a 100% gain when the multiplier is attained with a medium risk component.

Aviator Multi Bet Strategies

The 2:1 Strategy

The 2:1 betting technique is very successful for many gamblers. This necessitates that the stakes be set at 2:1 and that the bettor constantly places two bets. Put down a bet of R10 and another of R20, for instance. The bigger wager should cover the smaller wager in order to win. The smaller stake is there to maximise profits with absolutely no risk.

As soon as you reach the 1.5x multiplier bonus, you cash out the larger bet and collect R30, which is the sum of your R10 and R20 wagers. This implies that even if you lose everything in the following phase of this technique, you have already made a profit. This then gives you the chance to take any risks you see fit to optimise your return without suffering a loss on your second R10 wager.